Things That Make Little Or No Sense

According to the above commercial, which has been making the television rounds lately, this guy Nat Christiana took a 965-mile road trip with his equally clueless friends to get a Tacos Locos from Taco Bell.  965 miles.  For a taco.  From Taco Bell.

And this “Doritos Locos”?  It’s your standard taco from Taco Bell, except the shell is made from Doritos.  Apparently the local Taco Bell in Nat’s hometown doesn’t sell tacos, and the gas station on the corner doesn’t sell Doritos.

Otherwise the trip could have taken about 10 minutes.


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One thought on “Things That Make Little Or No Sense

  1. thom says:

    LOL. Good points in sussing out the BS on this one. Watched this add in stupefied incredulity during a mmovie preview. Don’t get me wrong the add I could understand. The prevelant stupidity that justifies it, not so much. Keep up the good blogging. Peace!

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