Wish You Were Here, Pt. II

Everyone I’ve ever met throughout my life has something of mine – a piece of my heart. And I take something from them – a memory.

I leave them where ever I go and have already gone.  They’re like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs.  It’s like a trail back through my life.  If you could find all of these pieces, they would trace the timeline of everywhere I’ve ever been.

Most of the time, I only leave a tiny little bit.  Sometimes, it’s so small that I forget about them, and the memory fades.  Across my life’s fabric there are people I’ve forgotten all about.  If they’ve forgotten about me in turn, then they no longer hold that little piece of me.

Some people, though, have much bigger fragments, and I in turn keep much bigger memories.  These people, through their impact on my life, will never be forgotten.  I think about them, the most important, influential, meaningful people, constantly.  And I think about that piece of my heart that they have, because I can feel where it used to be.

I never know what will trigger a powerful memory from somewhere in my past.  Sometimes it hits me out of thin air, like a blindside sucker punch.  And then it’s all I can think about, for minutes, for days, for weeks.

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