Magic Johnson Better Not Outlive Me

Okay, so the post title and the following content are a little bit morbid.  If that bothers you, you can either suck it up and keep reading, or come back tomorrow.  Deal?  Deal.

Magic Johnson was a superstar basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers until November 7, 1991, when he announced publicly that he had contracted the HIV virus and would retire immediately.   This has been in the media lately, as ESPN recently produced and aired “The Announcement”, a documentary detailing the circumstances and the ripples it continues to send through many walks of society.

The thing is, it could be argued that in 2012, Magic has never been more successful or well-known.  He owns movie theaters and studios and runs Magic Johnson Enterprises, valued at over $700 million, he has had a talk show, done NBA commentary and studio analysis as well as motivational speaking, was a minority owner of the Lakers for 16 years, and has been active in politics.

Now, according to this global summary of the AIDS epidemic by the UN, the average life expectancy of someone untreated is 11 years for males.  According to this study by the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, appropriate treatment can extend life expectancy of males up to 22 years.

So, a little quick math.. carry the two.. divide by the antiderivative… This coming November, Magic will have lived 21 years since he declared his contraction.  Here comes the morbid part.

I’m a young guy.  Mid-20s.  I embrace life and all it offers, and I fully understand that life, especially the life I lead, is a wonderfully delicate gift, and could be snatched away from me as quickly as the blink of an eye. God forbid.

Nothing personal against Magic, but if by some freak accident or by my own foolhardiness, he manages to outlive me, I’m going to be returned to the Earth with a very embarrassed look on my face.  He’s 52, and he’s been living with one of the deadliest diseases known to man for over two decades.  Yes, he does have means beyond anything I can comprehend, but how much longer can he go?

So, in conclusion, I better live longer than Magic Johnson.  I’m not wishing death on anyone.  I’m just sayin’!


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