Fight Night!

Manny Pacquiao is fighting Timothy Bradley, and Floyd Mayweather is fighting Miguel Cotto.  Can we all accept that?  Of course we all wish they were fighting each other, but they ain’t.  Instead, May 5th at the MGM Grand, Floyd is going to step into the ring with the current junior middleweight champ.

And Cotto is no pushover.  He’s a dangerous, powerful puncher with an impressive 37-2-0 record that includes 30 KOs.  And those two losses?  One was a tainted loss to Antonio Margarito that he convincingly avenged later, (an illegal substance was discovered in Margarito’s hand wraps before his next fight) and the other was to the Filipino congressman himself.

People can decry this fight until they’re blue in the face, but The Hawk is excited for what I anticipate to be a competitive and entertaining fight –  these two fighters’ styles stand to create a classic.  Mayweather is defense-oriented, blindingly quick, and stealthy in his attack.  He’ll dance around and try to use the whole ring.  Cotto is a bullish, violent fighter who will constantly move forward.  Come May 5th, he’ll try to cut off Mayweather’s movement and impose his will.

Cotto-Mayweather is going to be a contrast in styles, and it’s going to be a captivating fight.  Whether or not Cotto can put the first stain on Money Mayweather’s unblemished record remains to be seen, but short of Pacquiao, there’s not many other matchups I’d prefer to see. So I’m way over all the conversation about the fight that’s not going to happen, and fully excited for the potential Fight of the Year candidate. (Yeah, I said it!)

As for Pacquiao-Bradley, there will also be a lot of intrigue surrounding that fight.  Their bell rings on June 9th of this year, so perhaps we’ll cover that matchup in greater detail as the date approaches.  Also, in between now and May 5th, some of the fighters in action include Zab Judah, Michael Katsidis, Felix Sturm v. Sebastian Zbik, Brandon Rios vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa, Mikkel Kessler, and Juan Manuel Marquez.  So let’s get ready to rumble!


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