2500 Miles: Interstate 10 from Los Angeles to Jacksonville

Just a few weeks ago, I was lying on a beach, relaxing, serenaded by the sound of the Pacific Ocean.  I blinked, and I was in Jacksonville, Florida at Atlantic Beach.

I’ve found some of what I was looking for – I’ve seen and experienced things that I never would or could in California.  It’s difficult to to express the entire experience of traveling to new places and meeting all the different people that I have, but it’s been eye-opening.

America is a wide, beautiful country.  It’s made up of interesting people, enthralling cities, and expansive, scenic countryside.  Each area of the country has different qualities.  We’re blessed to live here.

There’s still a whole world that I haven’t seen.  And there’s a million places that I’ll probably never visit.  But I’m privileged to have been to some of the places I’ve traveled through – I’ve learned a lot about the world.

Stay safe, keep it lit!  Try something new today!


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