I Sing In The Car

No point in hiding it, no shame in it either.

I sing in the car, and not quietly – I sing at the top of my lungs, shout along with my favorite songs.  Sometimes people notice, and look at me.  Sometimes pretty girls cruise past me in their cute little cars, giggle and point. Eh, I don’t mind though.  Why should I? I’m the rock star, after all.

I tap the steering wheel to the beat, play air-drums, I rock out like I was on stage.  And that’s the thing – my truck is my stage!  Way high up above the road, I’m the lead singer, the frontman of my favorite bands, out there in front of the crowd, lights shining bright.

In fact, according to this random study I found, singing in the car can even make you a safer driver.  So go ahead, don’t be ashamed!  You know you do it too.  And if you see some guy in a truck absolutely rocking to the beat, just throw a wave to The Hawk!

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