The People’s Republic Of Austin

Austin, Texas isn’t on the Insterstate 10 corridor, but The Hawk ventured up from San Antonio with a invite to a poker game in his back pocket.

Upon recommendation from the host of the game, I stopped at Stubb’s BBQ for lunch.  Thanks for the tip Ryan!  Damned if that wasn’t a great meal.

After lunch I walked down to 6th Street, which has a ratio of about 7 bars for every 1 other business.  My kind of neighborhood.  So I slipped into Buffalo Billiards to shoot a little pool, and I was pondering my next shot when Laranya came over and asked me if I was playing alone.

Laranya was a black girl from Tennessee who was in town to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Tall, with short-cropped hair, sharp features and an hourglass body, she turned some heads in that joint, that’s for sure.

So naturally I told her I would love to play her, as I don’t make a habit of turning down a challenge from a strikingly beautiful woman.  We shot pool together for about an hour.  Man.. the image of her sipping that bottle of beer.. I might need a moment alone here.

Alas, I had plans and so did she, so I made my way to the poker game.

A huge shout-out to the Mixed Game Monday crew!  I had a great time, thanks for everything, and keep a seat for me, because I have this feeling I’ll be back in Austin at some point.  You guys absolutely kick ass.

Up next: Houston, Galveston, and the Gulf Coast.  I wonder what wonder tomorrow may bring!


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