Me, Max, Edwin, & Ramon, & The Alamo

Oh, hey WordPress!  Long time no talk!

The Hawk pulled into San Antonio mid-afternoon, looking for a taste of Texas.

The Riverwalk is cool, for the most part.  Saw some live music, checked out the arts and crafts stands.  The River Center is pure vanilla, which is a shame considering how cool and fun the rest of the river is.  Downtown San Antonio is very nice, I stopped in The Ticket for dinner and really enjoyed the scene.

I also trekked over to the Alamo – a historic landmark, a piece of American history.  Standing on the same ground on which all that blood was spilled was a fascinating experience.  We hear names like Austin and Houston and think of cities, but a long time ago these names belonged to real people, men who died alongside many others in defense of America.

(Well, sort of.  Texas was Mexican territory at the time, and American settlers pretty much annexed it.  But that’s besides the point.  Remember the Alamo!)  (Also, I enjoyed reading about the Texas Revolution and the Battle of the Alamo, maybe you will too.)

After walking around downtown for a couple hours, I headed off to find a watering hole. Wandered into a quiet looking bar, ordered a drink, gave a nod to the three guys sitting at the bar with me.  They turned out to be really nice fellows, and I hung out with them the rest of the night, nursing beers and shooting the breeze, trading rounds.

Action!  Intrigue!  Excitement!




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