Closing Out The Tab On Socal: Close Friends, Whiskey, Women, Deuces & Two Flat Tires

The Hawk just spent a good deal of time in Southern California before finally sacking up and taking off into the horizon, and needless to say it was a blast – bar-hopping, bright lights, loud music, pool halls, poker rooms, restaurants, house parties, apartments, estates, even a 7-11 in Encinitas with a full deli.

And the people I met have to be mentioned – pool sharks, musicians, an MMA fighter, cougars, table tennis hustlers, totally insane and unbelievably hot women, surfers, bikers, videographers, more unbelievably gorgeous women, and my friend’s neighbor, a man ironically nicknamed “Tiny”, who gargles Everclear as a party trick.  And more unbelievably gorgeous women.

Spending a month with the crew sure leaves you with a lifetime’s worth of memories, and Southern Cali sure is a really fun, vibrant place.  Shout out to all the people who made my stay so much fun!  I won’t soon forget some of the awesome times I had with you guys… if I remembered them in the first place, of course!

Alas, the siren song of the highway beckons, and it’s time to strike it out.  Highway 10 stretches out from LA to Jacksonville, and along that highway are small towns, big cities, open road, and the freedom of independence.  Only time will tell what comes next, but I couldn’t be more excited to see what this country is really all about!

See you in Florida for the Grapefruit League..


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