City Of Angels

It’s a different place down here, that’s for sure.  The Hawk has spent the last 2+ weeks in Los Angeles, and a few things become readily apparent.

First of all, this is paradise.  It’s sunny every day here!  Not much cures a hangover like a long bike ride in 75° weather followed by sunbathing in the grass listening to my man Don Propa and his cohorts.

The women are beautiful.  Ugly women in LA are head-turners in the rest of the known world.  (Except maybe San Diego.. and that’s where The Hawk is heading next, hehe.) I don’t know what they put in the water, but there are, as Trent would say, more beautiful babies here than one really could shake a di-.. uh, shake a stick at.

The Hawk has played the Commerce on multiple occasions already, and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Speaking of gorgeous women, if any of you wonderful, sweet cocktail waitresses are reading this, I truly love you, let’s take a trip to Vegas together. (All of you, obv)  Anyway, tried my hand at Event #1 of the LAPC – A4 < A9 on the AK4r flop.  Love this game.

Canoga Park Bowl on Winnetka in SFV: It’s really cheap of you to have, like, a minute-by-minute rate on your pool tables.  If I go a little over, don’t charge me 56 cents.  And, if I leave with money left on my deposit, I don’t need the 17 cents.  Really.  Is this widespread standard operating procedure?

Shout out to USA Valley Table Tennis Club on Reseda in SFV!  $10 floor fee and you can play all games, all day – ping pong, pool, darts, foosball, and open 9am-11pm.  That’s how it’s done.  Go in, try to get a game with Mary.. if you like getting spanked, of course!

The Hawk has met some kickass people down here and had a straight blast.  Like I said, this place is one-of-a-kind.  There’s a fun energy here and a party atmosphere that’s really making it tough for The Hawk to hit the damn road!

Stay tuned for more rambling nonsense!  The Hawk is gonna drift around this sun-drenched city a little longer, find a little more trouble, visit a few more seedy bars, dance with a few more beautiful babies..

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